Experience shows that the development of Signage and Wayfinding is often left too late in the design development process and tends to be bundled in as part of the architectural package or is simply contracted to a signage manufacturer. This results in many systems being functionally poor and can result in negative and potentially hazardous user experiences.

WayfindingIan Rowe Associates specialise in providing advice and development of usable and efficient Signage and Wayfinding systems.

Our successful and experienced approach places The User at the centre of the design, and working with designers and architects, we deliver a user-friendly functional system in keeping with both the architectural aspiration as well as the operational performance requirements.

Understanding and analysing the needs of Users from both physical and psychological perspectives and also engaging with all stakeholders is our key to ensuring that the design is operationally highly functional and inclusive.

Our approach also takes into consideration the various limitations of Users, including those with disabilities, as well as any cultural and language variations. The outcome can have a significant positive effect on overall user experience and also delivers important by-products including improved safety, revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

Our service offering includes Development of Strategy through to the Detailed Design and Overall Project Management for the system implementation.

Our experience in this field includes:
Development of Wayfinding Strategy
Development of Design Manual
Development of Psycho-Virtual Testing (3D Virtual Reality Environment)
Development of User Satisfaction Testing Methodology
Development of Business Case Models