Human Factor and Ergonomic Integration

Consideration of the human part of the system is the key to ensuring that our designs deliver the intended outcome.

Human Factors and Ergonomic IntegrationFrom the Macro to the Micro, whether it is a railway station, sports stadium, control room or even a single piece of equipment, understanding the attributes, culture and characteristics of the users enable us to work with the designers to optimise their vision.

This is not just about Seating or Display Screen Regulations, Human Factors includes all human facets from the physical, the physiological through to the psychological. Understanding these attributes allows us to positively influence the design

Our work in Human Factor integration has delivered significant benefits in optimising and improving system performance by increasing:


'Surely this just all common sense?'

To an extent you would think so, but it's surprising how many 'standard' based designs manage to completely fail the users and, at best make the design difficult to use, inefficient, or at worst make it potentially dangerous.