Emergency Planning

'Be Prepared' – The Scout Motto.

Planning for Emergencies is now high on the agenda for most medium and large-scale enterprises.

Emergency PlanningWhilst many of these organisations may have produced theoretical plans for events that require, for example, Evacuations or 'Defend in Place' strategies, often these plans when tested in the event of real emergencies, fail to deliver the desired outcomes.

There are numerous detailed accounts involving a variety of scenarios from around the world where the planning for emergencies has failed resulting in serious injuries and fatalities.

We have been called to contribute as expert witness during subsequent enquiries into some such incidents and have therefore necessarily studied a great many of these cases in fine detail. From this we have conducted in-depth root cause analysis and have been able to establish the important lessons learnt which can then limit or avoid future occurrences.

Using this knowledge and experience, we can assist organisations with the development and testing of emergency plans. Promoting a user centred approach that ensures that all facets of the whole system including the behaviours of all stakeholders, including users, operators and emergency services personnel, are taken adequately into consideration enables risks associated with the 'human' elements of the system to be mitigated.

This ensures that emergency plans not only deliver 'compliance' but are also much more likely to deliver the robust, lasting and desired results in the case of a real emergency.

Our approach caters for all users, including those with disabilities, and takes into consideration the individual cultural norms and behaviours that are important for effective emergency planning.