Crowd Management

Wherever people gather whether in a stadium, railway station or even in a retail store it is critical to plan for crowds in order to provide a safe and efficient environment where user experience is maximised.

Crowd ManagementThere are all too many examples where people are injured or even killed as a result of crowding. This has happened all over the world and in some cases issues have arisen with as few as one hundred people.

We have a broad experience at working with designers, operators and regulators to optimise the design and operation of environments to mitigate the dangers associated with crowds and to improve overall user experience.

Whilst there are now a number of computerised tools available for modelling crowds which enables predication of bottlenecks and pinch points, for these tools to provide a robust simulation it is necessary to have a significant understanding of crowd behaviour. Crowd behaviour can vary and will depend on the profile of the crowd as well as other factors such as weather, information supplied, perception of risk etc.

We have studied many types of crowd and have developed techniques to profile them as well as analysing other factors that will affect their behaviour.
This enables us to assist designers and operators to create environments that cater for the different types of crowd in order to reduce the risks associated with these.
We work closely with pedestrian movement experts to incorporate behaviours into models and simulations and to develop mitigations either from an environment design perspective or an operational management perspective.