Behavioural Safety

Most modern Safety Management Systems rely on a Compliance and Risk Assessment approach to control Risk, and uses statistical techniques to monitor Progress and report on Performance.

Behavioural SafetyWhilst this approach undoubtedly improves safety performance for organisations that have not previously implemented a Safety Management System, our experience shows that a Compliance based approach alone will only deliver a performance that tends to plateau. Organisations generally find it difficult to further improve safety performance past this plateau level.

Ian Rowe Associates have developed an approach that compliments the Compliance and Risk Assessment approach to Safety Management, is proven to improve safety performance past this plateau and also can deliver multi-dimensional benefits to any organisation.

The approach we take is based in the theory of Behavioural Safety and utilises our guiding principle Socio-Technical System approach.
This requires engagement of employees at all levels within the organisation involving them with safety issues and places the employees at the very heart of the system, taking personal and collective responsibility for the policies, procedures and behaviours that critically affect safety outcomes.

The methodology employed has been proven in a wide variety of application areas and has delivered significant results in addressing low level impact accidents such as Slips and Trips where traditional compliance based approaches have generally failed.

Our services include:

• Diagnostic studies
• Safety Culture and Climate Measurement
• Intervention Design
• Training
• Implementation Support