Behavioural Research

In order to understand how a whole system will function, it is necessary to understand the behaviours of the users.

Behavioural ResearchIn spite of the many empirical research projects conducted by academic bodies, worldwide, we have found that the behavioural questions important to a specific design still often result in answers that do not tell a whole story. Therefore the knowledge needed to proceed successfully cannot be established from the available information.

Ian Rowe Associates, over many years and in a wide variety of circumstances, has developed highly successful methodologies for identifying, analysing and quantifying the behaviours that are pertinent to the individual specific environments and situations in the 'real world'. The results from our research can then be used to:
• Inform operational strategies
• Optimise design to accommodate likely behaviours
• Adjust design to influence behaviours

We have relationships and partnerships with leading academic organisations so that, where appropriate, we are able to 'tap' into relevant research projects that benefit our clients.

We have developed primary research methods to establish and quantify behaviours where the published research is insufficient or not applicable.

These include:
• Observation techniques
• Video analysis
• Development of Psycho-physical experiments
• Design of field experiments
• Design of surveys and other self-reporting methods
• Individual and group engagement methods.

All research projects are individually customised and are designed to address the all-important 'Exam Question' that is established during the initial project definition phase.

Our team includes experienced consultants who both design and facilitate the research projects and activities and also experienced researchers who are able to efficiently conduct the research.

Our methods have delivered outcomes for our clients that have not only successfully achieved the initial goal, but often also result in proven beneficial 'knock-on' effects that have provided positive benefits for the whole of an organisation.